Updates on the new bus project

Updates on the new bus project

In January 2019, in a message from the Divinity, a bus was requested to fulfill the basic needs of the Light-Community on a daily basis and so that it could also be of use for future events, when time allows it.

After a thorough investigation about what the best means of transportation for rural areas would be, it has been chosen a Brazilian company with a representative in Uruguay that has experience with rural transportation which deals with difficult roads in the countryside.

In March 2020, a technical visit was done to the company´s branch office in Montevideo in order to define the construction of a custom-made bus. There, they went into detail about the specific characteristics so as to build the bus according to the needs of the Light-Community, as it is usually done when it comes to building this type of transportation. Looking at the options, the idea of a used model was discarded since, besides the difficulty of finding a vehicle in good conditions with the suitable characteristics, it would mean a much higher cost of maintenance.

The project was defined and carried out together with two providers of well-known brands so as to bring together the necessary parts for this type of transportation. It will basically be the rural school bus type, with high suspension, suitable for land roads; the difference is that it will have more comfortable seats, like a coach bus, and an elevator for wheelchairs. Furthermore, among the specific characteristics, only one access door was chosen, a double leaf door, so as to gain more seats.

The fact of having as a characteristic high suspension makes it a unique model in Uruguay, where no buses like this are made. For this reason, it will require the importation of its parts from Brazil. Due to this and to the present sanitary situation of the planet, the final cost and delivery terms are still being discussed since, for these reasons, they were modified. However, it is expected that all these obstacles may soon be overcome and thus the building process may begin.

The purpose of this bus, during the time of the pandemic, will be the transportation among the areas of the people who already live in the Light-Community. In the future, it will serve as transportation for the pilgrims that will be staying nearby, less than 100 km, and that want to visit the Marian Center of Aurora.

Voluntary contributions are always welcome so that the requests of the Divine Messengers can be carried out and, with the support of all, the Sacred Center of Aurora can be manifested.

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