• Composting as a method for soil regeneration

    Composting, a very simple process that generates humus as a natural fertilizer, is a way to collaborate in the natural regeneration of the soil and restore the balance in nature.

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  • Updates on the new bus project

    In January 2019, in a message from the Divinity, a bus was requested to fulfill the basic needs of the Light-Community on a daily basis and so that it could also be of use for future events, when time allows it.

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  • Experience as a family in Light-Communities

    The Light-Communities were formed to experience community life as a common good, where one learns to serve selflessly for a greater purpose. The families who reside in them have begun to live a great challenge, which is to transcend, little by little, the life of the human, to transform into a Universal Family.

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The Sacred Center of Aurora is coming!

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