Experience as a family in Light-Communities

Experience as a family in Light-Communities


The Light-Communities were formed to experience community life as a common good, where one learns to serve selflessly for a greater purpose. The families who reside in them have begun to live a great challenge, which is to transcend, little by little, the life of the human, to transform into a Universal Family.

The story below is about a resident family that decided to live in the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora. Viviana is Ecuadorian, William, Australian, and 13 years ago Emmanuel was born in Ecuador, awakening in this loving family the need to share their son’s growth in a community, as is done among the indigenous people when several referents contribute to their development and inner search.

2When they left Ecuador, William accompanied with his heart the decision but did not yet feel the inner impulse as intensely as that of Viviana. However, nowadays, he realizes the incredible walk alongside them, and the internal growth that came out of love for his family.

Beginnings are never "rosy". Although the urge to live another experience was latent, the distancing from the family living in Ecuador oppressed their hearts. "The biggest difficulty was not fear, but the decision to leave what you loved in search of an inner purpose along with the uncertainty of not knowing what you will face," says Viviana. Nevertheless, that did not stop them from emigrating to a different horizon. "Trust and faith in God also allows you to know that the beings who love you, when they see that something is true, that it makes you develop as a being and as a soul, permits them to accompany you along this journey", continues Emmanuel's mother. And so it was. Since then, the family has accompanied the internal work and has joined this Project of Love by taking part in the events and consecrations.

3Soon after living a long-term experience in the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora, all three felt the impulse for consecration as residents. Viviana said: "For me, that moment was a celebration for being able to offer God, as a family, our experience in this journey. I felt an immense gratitude to God for allowing me to live that experience, that the two closest people to me share that deep aspiration to serve Him". At that moment, Emmanuel, being a minor, had the consecration as an aspirant resident, since it is only at the age of majority that he can make his own vows, by which time he will have already traveled an internal path and can make his own decisions.

4The fruits of a child's growth in the Community were observed when Emmanuel, aged 11, visited for the first time his paternal family in Australia, William's family was amazed at his maturity in certain situations, such as his lack of interest when they offered to buy him things, replying that he already had what he needed, and the sincere love and care for the Animal Kingdom and not just seeing them as pets. This and what the family reflected with their behavior as citizens-of-light, awakened in them the interest to visit the Light-Communities. Viviana, mother of now 13-year-old Emmanuel, commented: "The communities teach us that happiness does not lie in what we have in material possessions. With a few things, a child can live perfectly happy, and it is in the example that his parents give him where true learning lies and whatever else he needs".

5After 10 years, this persevering family experienced life in several Light-Communities. All of these taught them something to apply in their family nucleus in order to awaken that latent seed of Universal family: "Here you learn that living as a family within the Community gives you something that the outside world generally does not live, namely, respect for the spiritual development of each person. You recognize yourself as an individual before God and, as a family, we see each other as companions on a journey, which is deeper than just being husband and wife". Viviana continued: "What motivates you to continue are these small day-to-day achievements, is to see a child without the fears that are experienced in the world, developing freely, surrounded by people who wish them well, and in a natural place surrounded by the Kingdoms of Nature". And she finished with gratitude: "The beginning is not always easy, but if you weigh the difficulties and the immense graces you receive,... there is no comparison”.