The Sacred Center of Aurora is coming!

Manifestation of the Sacred Center of Aurora

"The fundamental manifestation of Aurora on the surface is based on love among siblings, on an honest and true love that is built within the fraternity of Christ so that, following this, the Principles of the Celestial Father, those principles which inspire the Project of God, may be present within humanity.

It is more than something physical or spiritual. To exist and express, Aurora must resonate in the heart of each being; otherwise, Aurora does not show itself.
Collaborate from the heart and place before your lives the true needs of the Center of Love of Aurora and then you will tell Me that everything is just and necessary.
Be aware of all that I tell you; remember that it is the Lord of the Universe and of Mercy that speaks to you. I deigned to choose such a poor and simple place like Aurora, not only to walk among the orange trees but also to prepare My second return
I thank you for having ears to hear My plea of help for Aurora."

Christ Jesus


After the first few years, in which Aurora made itself visible to all at the physical plane, it stopped its manifestation; as from that point, pending needs remained unsatisfied.

So that Aurora may show itself in all its splendor, there is a list of needs that must be manifested, stage by stage, within a broad plan requested by Christ Jesus, and which must be fully carried out.