First Aid Course at the Light-Community

First Aid Course at the Light-Community

From February 18 to 22, 2019, at Aurora´s Light-Community Fraternity, a course of first aid and of introduction to catastrophes took place. It was guided by TEI (Training Emergency Industrial), a brazilian company of civil instructors and firemen.

The course, which was attended by 45 people among members of the Community and monasteries as well as invited collaborators, was especially focused on the techniques of Basic Life Support (BLS), a set of rules and technical procedures that aim at attending illnesses or injuries that jeopardize life and the well being of people and that are applied until the patient receives complete medical attention. Some of the procedures that were practiced during the course were CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), different types of bandages and dressing and immobilization of an injured victim.

Nereida, a 23 year-old young girl from Uruguay, said: "In the course I learned that it is necessary to be prepared for any emergency situation and that team work is essential for living in unity with the brothers and sisters and with God.”

Members of the Solar Group, responsible for First Aid at the Light-Community in Figueira, were also present and told us the following: “It was clear that the first impulse regarding emergencies was received in the hearts of the participants and that moving energy was reflected in us and in the instructors. I hope new opportunities may come to deepen in the subject.”

Neutrality, constant training and team work were an important learning during the course. All of the participants realized of the great need to be prepared for unexpected situations, where the minimum knowledge of how to proceed might save lives.

It is expected that the Community may continue the training and the practice in first aid since it is an activity that requires the study of a lot of information and it is necessary to constantly go deeper in order to consolidate, in the future, the Rescue Basis of Aurora´s Light-Community Fraternity requested by Christ Jesus.