Attributes of Aurora


In Aurora the human group is composed of:

  • Healers
  • Guardians
  • Nuns
  • Monks,

with vows of humility, obedience, physical and mental chastity and detachment.

It is also composed of:

  • Servers
  • Choir Singers
  • Collaborators,

with vows of selfless service, equality, devotion, preparation for chastity, detachment.

1. To recognize in the invisible, the causes of the visible, and then, to extirpate evil.
2. To renew forms, responding to the commands of the sacred rhythm.
3. To merge into the Hierarchy in order to weave the healing network.
4. To overcome the tension of conflict through ardent tension.
5. In order to heal, to divest from human whims.
6. To never retain the flow of the fiery stream.
7. To invoke the sublime grace.
8. To fulfill oneself with light, and serve together with the Higher Brothers.
9. To dissipate darkness with courage and faith.
10. In the ardor of surrender, to expunge obstacles.
11. Not to fear pain, cold or hunger.
12. Step by step, to seek the Supreme Healer.

1. To realize, in the heart, who must approach.
2. In burning tension, to keep vigil.
3. To attract the fire from Above in order to regenerate the earthly currents.
4. To dissolve veils in order to see the last steps.
5. In service to the Evolutionary Plan, to keep impulses for consciousnesses.
6. To transcend limits, break down barriers, hear the inaudible.
7. To have in mind the dignity of those who we watch.
8. To make indestructible one’s own fortress.
9. Not to rely on earthly laws to be faithful.
10. To ascend in order to renew the attentiveness and defend the treasures.
11. To listen, listen and listen to, while the soul keeps vigil.
12. In silence, to persist in the guarding of the heart.

1. To throw out that which has already passed.
2. Even when one is bellow, to know how to respond to the High.
3. To only love the Law.
4. To allow oneself to be moved much beyond the kingdom of death.
5. To dissolve one’s own human greed.
6. To pray without relaxing.
7. To live integrated to the Spirit.
8. To reside in all Dwellings.
9. To sow Good in silence.
10. To rejuvenate in ascension.
11. To learn the correct proportion of facts and values.
12. Not to waste the incarnation.

1. To unify oneself.
2. To burn without producing ashes.
3. To be an expression of Life.
4. To never descend from the heights.
5. To sow in silence.
6. To perceive that the service that one provides is not their own.
7. To return to the Origin.
8. To come to know the Power of the sages.
9. To always place the words in their heart.
10. To recognize the difference between an ember and a burning flame.
11. To adhere to the magnificence of these times.
12. To seek the vision of the Spirit.

1. To move forward, without promising anything.
2. With aspiration, to trace one’s own pathway.
3. To accept the summoning and join the elected.
4. When consecrated to Service, to redeem the past.
5. To go through the straight path in order to advance.
6. To suffer the pain of the world, relieving it.
7. Not to be tied to what must die.
8. To penetrate the essence of Love and express it.
9. Not to get confused by the exterior appearance of the facts.
10. To transcend the atavisms that permeate the bodies.
11. To live in a dark well if it is necessary, but without feeling the darkness.
12. To take steps in the air, not on the ground.

1. To proclaim the advent of the new human.
2. To proclaim the advent of the new civilization.
3. To affirm the victory of the Light.
4. To ennoble one’s own existence by attracting fire.
5. With burning aspiration, to open doors to the future.
6. With singing, to rescue the meaning of the sacred.
7. To share the harmony of the celestial spheres.
8. To penetrate the Great Light.
9. To recognize that it is time to be free.
10. In the fire, to learn how to walk.
11. To always aspire to return Home.
12. To sing the flow of the Great Stream.

1. To love the little ones.
2. Not to wait for tomorrow to manifest the new.
3. To assume the sacred battle.
4. Even in the material darkness, to remain joyous.
5. To hear the Call in order to fly.
6. To recognize that in a cage one cannot practice flying.
7. To freely choose to be attentive in order not to lose the most beautiful opportunities.
8. To know how to see the signs, to know how to remain free during the task, to know how to not get lost.
9. To see that the victory is certain, but the deadlines are already short.
10. To bear in mind that the battle is not over.
11. To turn to heaven, to ask the Sirius star and to have faith in the answer.
12. To be prepared: much more can be revealed.