Transport fleet

New bus for transporting the community and pilgrims

“The Light-Network, as a fundamental pillar of the Hierarchy, will have the goal of manifesting the first of three buses for the Community of Aurora. That response will help the approach of new hearts to the Work.” Christ Jesus

Materialization of a Transport fleet for the community

“It will be fundamental to count on new vehicles, and especially on a bus that permits responding to the basic needs of the Light-Community on a daily basis.” Christ Jesus

Academic training in mechanical and electro-mechanical technologies. The education of all members of the Light-Community in the transport maintenance.

"This re-organization of transportation will require that some members of the Light-Community be academically trained in mechanics and electro-electronics so that the Community itself can count on more tools of knowledge when conducting maintenance." Christ Jesus


Campaign for the new bus

Responding to a request of Our Lord, Christ Jesus, for the manifestation of a bus to fulfill the needs of the pilgrims of the Marian Center of Aurora, and of the members of the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora, we invite everyone
to participate in the concretization of its acquisition, which will be made in three phases:

  • 1st Down payment of US$25,000. Immediate need. COMPLETED

  • 2nd Payment of US$75,000. Ninety days after the 1rst payment. COMPLETED

  • 3rd Payment of US$4,000 for custom clearance. At the moment of the bus delivery.


We thank you all for your support in the manifestation of Aurora!

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