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This Marian Center

During 13 consecutive days within the month of August of 2011, the Virgin Mary performed public Apparitions to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, and requested that there would be a Marian Center of Prayer founded and consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart there.

This place holds different sacred spaces, built at the request of the Divine Messengers, where the pilgrims can visit and participate in the prayer and adoration liturgies.

The wide landscape that allows us to contemplate the dawn in the horizon inspires us to open the heart to the light that Mary placed in Her Center of Love, an energy of healing and liberation for souls.

May the Light of the Inner Aurora rise in the inner worlds of beings of this planet so that in this time consciousnesses may recognize the power of Healing and Love.
- Virgin Mary, April 6, 2018

Be Pilgrim

is one who knows that only in God will they find the cure for their ills.

A pilgrim

is one who knows that only in God will they find the cure for their ills.

is one who goes to meet the Father in the sacred places.

A pilgrim

is one who goes to meet the Father in the sacred places.

is one who arrives surrendered to the House of the Father.

A pilgrim

is one who arrives surrendered to the House of the Father.

is one who walks towards God.

A pilgrim

is one who walks towards God.

Sunday, December 2 of 2018                     Daily Message of Saint Joseph, transmitted in the Casa do Peregrino, Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary sister Lucía de Jesús

A pilgrim is one who, knowing their miseries and imperfections, and above all, conscious of the needs of the world, knows that only in God will they find the cure for their ills and relief for this world.

A pilgrim is one who, even without knowing it, hears the voice of their soul and goes to meet the Father in the sacred places that He has blessed and consecrated as Sources of Life for all beings.

A pilgrim is one who, being simple of heart, knows that their dwelling place is not in this world, but is in the Heart of God, in their celestial origin, from where all life emerged.

A pilgrim is one who arrives surrendered to the House of the Father and allows their heart to not only drink of the Sources of Peace that the Creator opened for the world, but they also are willing to be a bearer of peace for those who need it.

A pilgrim is one who walks towards God, and at each step, empties their heart a little more so that, when facing God, they find a space within where the Father may deposit the talents and gifts that the pilgrim must take to the world.

Be pilgrims in this time, bearers and sowers of the new life. Within the Sources of the Marian Centers, seek the graces that the world needs and distribute these graces as you walk.

Today I bless the House of the Pilgrim and I consecrate it so that here you may learn to be pilgrims.

May those who arrive to this place receive from God His Mercy, His Peace, and His Graces, and that, leaving here, they feel in their hearts the aspiration and the need that many other souls receive what you received.

Be pilgrims, sowers, and multipliers of the Graces of God. Let the Graces of the Father transform you, and through you, transform the world.

By the Will of the Creator Father, Here I open an inexhaustible Fount, of His Peace and of His Grace, which will flows through this alter to all the hearts that, with faith, come here to drink from this Fount.

Always remember that the pilgrim is one who arrives at the sacred places not only to seek something for himself, but to take to the world what it truly needs.

Souls are dying in life, perishing for thirst  of God, because they do not know Him and do not search for Him; they do not perceive His presence. Therefore, children, be pilgrims of My Most Chaste Heart, and take the awakening, the Graces of God, His Mercy, and His presence to the world. That will happen through the examples of your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The most amazing is all the prayer that is done here; it always intervenes, together with the Divinity, be it for a personal situation, the situation of a country or even on the planetary level.

- Oscar - Angola, Africa, 47 years old

I feel the energy of Mary almost palpable in each corner of this place. Wherever I walk through, I feel the Peace and the Love that She offers us unconditionally.

- Victoria - Argentina, 34 years old

I aways say: Aurora of my heart. Being here is a necessity. We move mountains to be able to arrive here.

- Mireya – Bolivia, 66 years old

It is a place of much peace, tranquility and love.

- Leovigildo – Peru, 62 years old

Sacred Spaces

Visit the spaces consecrated by the Divine Messengers, within the Marian Center.

Fountain of Mary

“I come to announce to you that you may build here, a few meters from this tree, in a place where you feel like receiving Me, a fountain. A fountain that will represent the presence of My renovation as Immaculate Mother to all those who arrive here.” The Virgin Mary, 08-30-11

Home of Adoration

“The task of this house will be to redeem the heart, to redeem the pain and to raise towards My Heart, the suffering of the past. During each prayer that may be done in this house, souls will be rescued, much beyond the understanding of your consciousnesses and your beliefs that this will happen.” The Virgin Mary, 08-23-11 and 08-26-11

Here are carried out the Mysteries of the Rosary, the Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and the Reparative Communion.

Garden of Mary

On August 18, 2011, the Virgin Mary appeared upon an orange tree and asked that from that day on all Her children of the world could be present, in prayer, in Her Apparitions, beginning a new cycle of instruction and healing for this humanity. She said: “I am here amongst you to radiate My Peace to you, and so that you may feel My shelter as Mother and Guardian. I call you to go deeper into prayer, the instrument of the Creator that, together with Me, will heal souls.”

Here the Mysteries of the Rosary are prayed in front of the Portal of Peace.

The Bell Tower of Peace

All will be My soldiers of Peace for this bell tower that will announce, every three hours, the arrival of My Heart, from dawn to nightfall. The Bell Tower of Peace represents My Immaculate Heart, which will resound in hearts and spaces as far as it can be heard.” The Virgin Mary, 08-26-11

Chapel of Saint Michael

“Whoever venerates this chapel that will present the sacred image of Michael, the one that by means of a vision I have revealed, will liberate from sin the hearts that are most persecuted and that are condemned by the astuteness of the enemy. This sacred chapel will consecrate each server that is presented before it and will liberate here, in Aurora, the spirits of impurity and of deception.” Christ Jesus, 16-07-14

The prayer of liberation to Saint Michael Archangel is done in front of the image of Saint Michael.

Blue Cross of Emmanuel

“The Cross of Emmanuel brings the spirit of redemption for souls and for all fallen spirits. It has the authority to bring liberation to the world and redemption for nations, because in it are kept the codes of the sacred merits of the Passion of your Lord. When you live some obstacle or some difficulty, prostrate yourselves before the powerful and victorious Cross of Emmanuel and contemplate it, lit up and bright, and see how it penetrates spaces and planes, filling them with Light and Mercy, and in this way, your sufferings will dissolve.” Christ Jesus, 04-01-18

Spiritual Exercises

Activities that take place in this Center of Love

In the Marian Center of Aurora, on the 7th of each month there is an offering to honor the Prince of the Celestial Militias, Saint Michael Archangel.

All day long, there is a vigil of prayer and adoration in the main sacred places, ending with the procession of Saint Michael Archangel and an ecumenical communion at the Chapel.

“May today, the Prince of the Celestial Militia, Saint Michael Archangel, be honored, so that on this day, His day of Glory, He may bury His powerful Sword of Light in the essences of evil and the unredeemed, and thus, the Light of the Heavens may triumph.”
The Virgin Mary – April 7, 2018


The contemplation of each moment lived by Our Lord during His Passion is a divine school in which, through His example, He teaches us to live forgiveness and love.

The Virgin Mary requested this practice to be done for the purpose of receiving the Grace of the Forgiveness of God for all the serious faults committed in humanity, in the whole world, and most of all, to the life of all the Kingdoms.

“The path of the Stations of the Cross, which My Son left you, will transform your consciousness and will bring special Graces for those who practice it with their hearts.”
The Virgin Mary – March 30, 2013


Every day at 3 pm, 150 beads of the prayer, transmitted to the Polish nun, Saint Faustina Kowalska, by Christ Jesus, are prayed, as a special way of experiencing His Unfathomable Mercy, and asking for forgiveness for our faults and for those of the whole world.

“Between 3 and 4 in the afternoon of each day, My Eucharistic Heart is radiated to the most distant spheres of the Earth, where there exists a soul that is crying out for My Mercy. I give everything so that it may be in My arms, to console it and give it life again.”
Christ Jesus – April 30, 2013


Important exercise that allows us to repair the Heart of our Lord from all the offenses caused by humanity and thus, recovering the balance and harmony needed for the planet.
When the Eucharistic Body of Christ Jesus is adored, our inner being is transformed by the codes that are poured out over the world.

“It is through adoration that the Kingdom of God is established, and in this way, the laws renew the principles of the life of holiness and of service.”
The Virgin Mary – May 23, 2015


Important spiritual exercise transmitted by Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús during the Holy Week of 2012, as a work of prayer for souls and the planet.

“With this Orandium, you will be calling in My Name at the door of My Heart, of My Temple, of My Essence; and in this way, you will be able to alleviate the burden of My Heart, because of so much injustice sent to Me by the world.”
Christ Jesus – April of 2012


At the request of Christ Jesus, this spiritual exercise takes place on the 5th and 6th of each month, when souls get together to pray 1,500 beads of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy each day.

In this activity, participants ask God, through His Firstborn Son, for Divine Mercy to descend upon the whole world so that souls may achieve peace in these times of crisis.


The Virgin Mary, through Her Messages, speaks to us about the importance of praying the mysteries that lead us into contemplating the life of Jesus.

Our Mother points out that through reflecting and meditating upon each passage, we are led to redemption, to forgiveness, and to salvation by means of the codes placed by Our Lord in His Surrender for humanity.

“Dear children, I ask you to pray with your hearts and that you live each one of the mysteries that My Son lived out of love for you. Each passage of the Life of Jesus prepares you for the time that will come and this will strengthen the union with My Son in your hearts.”
The Virgin Mary – April of 2012


It was requested by Christ Jesus that every Friday would be dedicated to repairing His Most Sacred Heart through the exercise of adoring the image of the Merciful Christ, and the communion with His Body and Blood so that, in this way, souls may learn to feel with the heart, who guides them in these final times.

On February 1, 2013, Our Lord transmitted:

May this day of reparation of My Most Sacred Heart be considered by your consciousnesses to be of great religiosity, devotion, and prayer. In this state of union with My Universal Spirit, you will be repairing the great scourges that some souls cause Me, and as a result of this reparation, the power of My Mercy will save and intercede for the souls that are most in need.


An exercise done once a month, consisting in praying 150 beads of the prayer to the Universal Mother, revealed by the Virgin Mary to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
Through the attributes that are invoked in this prayer, there is access to important keys for our transformation.

“Consolidate, in your spirit,  My thirteen celestial attributes and follow the Universal Mother on the pathways She indicated for souls.”
The Virgin Mary – April 2, 2016


Once a month, in each Marian Center, this exercise is offered to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which consists in praying one thousand beads of the well-known prayer of Hail Mary. This prayer is an important tool that carries the energy of the sacred moment of the Annunciation.

The Virgin Mary, in Her message of March 17, 2017, tells us:

When you all gather monthly to pray the one thousand ‘Hail Marys’, My Heart feels the consolation promised by all Her children, and in this way, the thorns that surround My Immaculate Heart are withdrawn, and at My feet the angels place the prayers, like precious flowers on the altars of the Creator.




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