The Fountain of Mary and the Attributes of the Universal Mother

The Fountain of Mary and the Attributes of the Universal Mother

On August 30th, 2011, during an Extraordinary Apparition to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Our Lady requested that a Fountain should be built and pointed out, in detail, how it should be and the exact place it should be erected. On that Apparition, the Mother also indicated the point where to dig in order to look for the water that would supply the Fountain, water that She Herself would bless.


I come to announce to you to build here, some meters away from this tree, at the place where you sit to receive Me, a fountain. A fountain that will represent the presence of My renovation as Immaculate Mother for all those who may arrive here. A fountain that will give water to drink from the depth of this ground, which you will have to dig in order for it to flow. Virgin Mary – August 30th, 2011.


From a few meters of depth, the water of the well emerged, which would nourished this sacred point that is now part of the Marian Center of Aurora. According to the indications of Mary, the fountain should have three circular platforms, thirteen faucets, each one of them representing one of the attributes expressed in the prayer of the Universal Mother: Faith, Light, Peace, Protection, Healing, Unity, Love, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Charity, Humility, Transmutation and Fraternity, and a statue with Mary's Face of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

These attributes represent spiritual virtues and the purpose that every devote being of the Heart of Mary should aspire to live. They guide our path and our steps towards the Divine Will.


As Jesus was baptized by the Fountain, all will be baptized through this simple fountain of peace that will try to open the hearts. Humanity needs elements in order to be able to believe and to follow Me. Virgen María – 30 de Agosto de 2011.


The Fountain of Mary represents the presence of Her renewal as the Immaculate Mother. She said that She would not only refresh the hearts through the element water, but She would also give life to the souls through Her presence in this sacred place.

From the time the resplendent Fountain was erected on Aurora's ground, devotees and pilgrims drink from the “Water of Mary” to be filled by the attribute that the soul needs the most in that moment, or they take it to their loved ones as a Grace that Our Mother grants to those who drink it with faith.

Thus, nobody leaves the Marian Center of Aurora without taking water from the fountain, water that is permeated with the love of the Universal Mother.


¡May the power that comes from God fill you all and liberate you from the bonds. This is the power of My Aurora and this is how you will know it for your lives! Virgin Mary – August 30th, 2011


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