Pilgrim Buses arrive to the Marian Center of Aurora

Pilgrim Buses arrive to the Marian Center of Aurora

On March 2nd, 2019, coming from different cities of South America, six Pilgrim Buses arrived to the Marian Center, the first ones that responded to the request of the Divine Messengers.

There was much support from the Children of Mary, the Light-Network and the prayer groups from the cities of the South of Brazil, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo and Salto (Uruguay), who immediately organized a massive dissemination and the transports, in which 176 people were brought to the Marian Center of Aurora. Among them, there were 36 people coming to visit for the first time, who were especially informed and accompanied during the pilgrimage.

These activities were organized for a huge event that took place between the 2nd and the 6th of March, where more than 450 people from different parts of the world participated. The Pilgrimage for Peace returned to this Sacred Center during these days, with prayer encounters and apparitions of the Virgin Mary and Christ Jesus to the visionaries of the Grace Mercy Order.

All of the pilgrims had the opportunity of receiving the Graces that the Divine Messengers untiringly grant to humanity, besides having contact with the profound peace that the Marian Center of Aurora emanates.

Laura, a 25 year-old, who came to the Marian Center for the first time on the Pilgrim Bus from Argentina, told us:

The experience of the pilgrim bus from Buenos Aires was beautiful. It was also an internal trip that made me see with greater clarity the opportunities and challenges. Aurora invited me to come into contact with the inner peace and reminded me of the existence of other kingdoms that, in a daily basis, in the city, I forget about. I feel gratitude and closeness again to Jesus and the Virgin, who come to my heart each time I think of Aurora.”

The Virgin Mary blessed the buses by giving to each one of them a special name and requested that each 3 to 6 of each month these transports should be organized because, on these days, the Marathon of the Divine Mercy occurs, this is an unforgettable spiritual exercise for the hearts that dare to pray so that the Mercy of God may descend to the planet.

On this website, in the “Marian Center” section, you will find the necessary information to contact the organization of the Pilgrim Bus that is close to the place where you are. We invite you to participate and to not lose this opportunity of responding to the call of the Divine Messengers.

I will wait to see, at the door of each Marian Center, the arrival of the pilgrim buses.

I Myself will receive you with arms wide open so that you may enter into the Temple of My Heart,

expressed in the simplicity of each Marian Center.” Christ Jesus